Unbiased, Transparent Body Camera Review.

Experienced retired and active duty police supervisors, with no ties to your department or personnel, thoroughly review video based on standardized metrics, departmental policy and best practices.

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Let us free up your First Line Supervisors for the field!

Let Blue Line Review handle the time-consuming task of Body Camera Review and deliver in-depth and usable results.

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Transparent, Consistent, Thorough, and Unbiased analysis

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Why third party review?

What does it mean to partner with Blue Line Review?

Early detection

Body Camera Video is our greatest asset in examining officer behavior. Are you using this resource to its full potential?

On site or Remote review

We can access videos remotely or come to you, whichever fits your needs. All reviews are confidential and stored securely.

Common Sense Ratings

Based on standardized metrics, a fully written assessment of each video will be clearly marked for command review. Let BlueLine do the research, so you can be in the know.

Our Experience

Lieutenant Whit Boyd, Fort Worth (Retired)

With over 30 years of law enforcement experience including 16 years as a lieutenant for the City of Fort Worth, Whit has held first line supervisor and command positions in administrative, tactical, and patrol functions. Blue Line Review utilizes this background to provide knowledgeable, unbiased, in-depth and complete analysis of field video. Our goal is to assist departments with training issues, adherence to policy and current law, officer safety and officer behavior.

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